Join divorced lawyer mom Hannah Hembree Bell, at the Longtimers Club where we will discuss all things divorce and custody, from the practical perspective of someone who’s been there.

At the club we’re not here for a good time, we’re here for a long time
If you find yourself asking,
now what, this is the club for you.
Join others to learn connect and grow.
If you feel like you’re all alone on this journey, we are your people. Because you’re not alone, the Longtimers Club will be with you period.

Join us for our first meeting 3/8 and the following dates 3/22 & 3/29.

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Hannah Hembree Bell

Hannah Bell is the founding attorney of Hembree Bell Law Firm where she focuses her practice on family law, divorce, and estate planning. Hannah is dedicated to helping people navigate tough family matters with genuine care and compassion.

Hannah focuses on serving people and families – not businesses or powerful corporations – because she truly cares about helping others. In fact, it’s her passion. Before founding Hembree Bell Law, Hannah worked at a large law firm in downtown San Antonio. She soon realized that serving big companies was not the best fit for her. At that point, Hannah decided to dedicate her career to helping good people navigate the complexities and emotional turmoil of divorce and family disputes.

Having navigated a divorce herself, Hannah draws a lot from her own personal experience. In her daily practice, she strives to be the lawyer she wishes she’d had during her own divorce and custody case. Today, Hannah has three young children and a blended family, so she understands what families like yours are seeking. She knows that you need – and deserve – an attorney who is willing to stand by your side and get into the weeds with you. With Hannah in your corner, you will receive practical guidance, compassionate care, and legally sound counsel.

Hannah was recently interviewed for a feature article for Attorneys at Law Magazine, where she discusses the origins of her career and the life changes that prompted her to shift from an up-and-coming Big Law employment lawyer to a family law attorney.

Hannah and her team handle divorce, custody, and family law cases for clients throughout several counties in the Austin and San Antonio areas. Her estate planning and divorce coaching practices are offered statewide.

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